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The future of food is connection 

Innovation + Impact

Aquacultr is an agritech startup investing in the sustainable production of Australian seafood. Our land-based aquatic farms combine the best in technology & science to deliver world class pod to plate seafood production & experiences.Based in Port Stephens, NSW the company has been operating a fully functional production system for over 20 years & producing year round, premium quality fish, close to markets in Newcastle & Sydney. 

The company has also established & co-owns a live fish distribution facility in Wetherill Park, Sydney in partnership with a Live Fish distributor which distributes live fish products from our farm in the Western Sydney Market

Set on 48 acres against a backdrop of pristine beaches, stunning sand dunes, & national park, Barra Farm Port Stephens is a premium destination for food, events, education, & experiences - and a valuable outreach & marketing tool for the Aquacultr brand.  


We believe in developing a stronger connection to our food & its origins. As part of the Aquacultr offering, we are developing a range of pod to plate consumer facing experiences at our flagship destination site in Port Stephens.

We believe intelligent agricultural models hold the biggest potential when it comes to disrupting the way we produce & connect to our food. By leveraging technology & science, we are able to reimagine the way our food systems operate, working towards a food future that is both sustainable & nature positive.

We are building Aquacultr in a way that yields environmental benefits as it creates commercial and social value in our markets. Our nature positive approach seeks to enhance the resilience of our planet & our societies by providing innovative new ways to contribute & build the future of food.

Our Mission


“An object won't change it's motion, it's trajectory, unless an external force acts upon it, that's one of Newton's Laws, & I like to think we are part of that external force, acting upon the way our food is produced to move its motion towards a more sustainable, nature positive trajectory”

- Mat Godard, Founder & CEO Aquacultr


Why Now?

The world is at a point of inflection as the global focus on climate, biodiversity & food security drive significant change to business. These issues are deeply interconnected & food systems are at the heart of this.*

Aquacultr is built for scale. We have developed a modular land-based aquatic farming model that can be rolled out sustainably across multiple sites both in Australia and internationally. Our core activities are focused on technology, deployment, & seafood production..

Our distributed production model enables aquatic farms to 

be setup & franchised across multiple locations in Australia - connecting the food industry more closely to the source of high quality seafood produce. 


As part of this we are developing innovative land agreements with Indigenous Corporations, Mining and Energy Companies & Local Community Consortiums to build out a company owned & contracted farming site network.



Indigenous Corporations AND LALCs own & control large parcels of Land nationally, many with ready access to water. Many organisations are able to secure significant capital funding to support the sustainable commercial development of their assets.



Mining and energy companies own vast land and water assets often tied to their operational sites, during production and at "End of mine life”, companies are seeking to transition sites and buffer land to sustainable and positive economic uses. 



Partnering with farmers and existing land owners as well as offering fractional ownership solutions for community ownership

Aquatic Farm Networks

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