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The Team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


Founder & CEO 

Mat has a vision of a future for food which has ignited an unparalleled drive and focus. He believes that with advances in technology, business models and a focus on sustainability, we can create a more efficient and sustainable food system. Mat has a deep philosophical belief in connecting people to their food and how this will underpin the future of food production and consumption.

Mat is a passionate leader with over 15 years experience across industry and business, from leading water management and environmental approvals in the mining industry to driving growth, partnerships and success as co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of food service technology start-up The Village Co.

Mat has formal qualifications in Environmental Science and Management as well as Lean Six-sigma business improvement and brings a broad range of business-related skills and knowledge, acquired through a diverse career to tackling the exciting challenge of shaping the future of sustainable aquaculture and protein production.

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Kai is an industrial engineer with an inspired drive to leave the world a better place.


Commencing his industrial engineering career with Audi AG in Germany and working on projects across the Volkswagon Group, Kai built a career foundation of process improvement and production management.


After relocating to Australia, Kai has bought his engineering, design and creativity to the Hunter Valley’s heavy-industry engineering firms, managing production lines, procurement, estimation and new product innovations.


Kai has a deep spiritual grounding and brings this depth as well as his engineering skills to the Aquacultr team.

Engineering Manager 

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Marketing & Operations Manager

Ellie is an experienced marketing and operations lead with an amazing ability to bring a vision to life.


Commencing her career in the fashion industry after completing her Bachelor of Fashion Management and Marketing, Ellie has applied her skills and energy across a number of sectors internationally, including retail, interior design, food and technology.


Ellie brings incredible value to the Aquacultr team across a number of operational fronts and along with her execution experience brings a powerful level of energy and vision to the business.

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